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MoodConnect is a Mood Media app that connects you to how you are feeling and others.

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How Does MoodConnect Work?

How Are You Feeling?
Select your emotion

MoodConnect asks the question "How are you feeling?" To answer this question, we offer core mood options: Happy, Sad, Angry, Calm, Stress. Then select what you would like to share with another connection. Your selection informs our AI of what resources or connections will accommodate your needs.

Let's You Connect with New People?

Once you select your emotion, you will have the option to connect with another user to have an anonymous text based chat. If you're not ready to connect with another person yet, that's o.k. We also have lots of great resources - such as guided meditations, breathing exercises, yoga classes, articles, and more for you to access.

Helps Reduce Stress
Feel Better

After a person completes a connection or activity from the resources section, MoodConnect will ask the user: "How Are you Feeling Now?" MoodConnect's primary purpose is to help people feel better and live healthy and productive lives.


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