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  • Engagement Insights: Discover which topics or events drive engagement and which ones don't resonate as well. Use these insights to plan content, events, and discussions that keep your community lively and engaged and connect more deeply with your community. 


Real-Time Sentiment Analysis: Understand the prevailing mood and tone of conversations. This allows you to swiftly address concerns, celebrate positive vibes, and ensure a welcoming atmosphere for all members.

Proactive Community Support: Identify members who may need extra support or engagement, helping to prevent churn and foster a sense of belonging and community among members.

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1. Stop wasting time with check-ins, surveys, one-on-one's & get your team's Engagment Score. (Learn more about engagement and how it affects a business' growth. Harvard Business Review article.)

2. Once You know when your team's thriving and when they are in need of support, through tracking their Engagement Score, we offer access to reputable wellness services that address mental, physical, and financial wellness through our partners and wellness practitioners.

3. Continue tracking your team's Engagement Score Month-Over-Month (MOM) your team's financial success. See the connection?

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Easily Integrate With Your Preferred Platform

MoodConnect AI integrates seamlessly into your existing communication platforms to give you real time data about how your employees are feeling.

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See all of your engagement analytics in one place.

MoodConnect integrates seamlessly into your existing communication platforms to give you real time engagement analytics on what your customers want.

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