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Case Studies & Testimonials

Tested Web

We started working with Yagub Rahimov because he wanted to see if MoodConnect could help him to stay connected with his remote team. Rahimov is based in Austin, Texas, but his team members are distributed remotely in Europe and the US. Rahimov became MoodConnect’s 5th customer and he has not only maintained a healthy team, but his team has also more than doubled in size and has gained lots of success recently. 

The problem

At the time of subscribing for our wellness solutions and sentiment analysis in February 2022, Rahimov's company had a team of eleven. While all team members were satisfied with their work culture, Rahimov wanted to make sure that he could track any changes in his employee engagement and experience, in case there were any sudden changes so that they could take action to correct any issues that would arise. They didn’t want to schedule multiple check-ins because that would break the flow of the team routine as they were scaling rapidly. Since half the team members were based outside Austin, they often communicated on Slack and met on Zoom as needed, Rahimov wanted to have a tool that would allow him to see how his employees were feeling, without making them uncomfortable. 


Our findings

Rahimov was able to see when there were sudden spikes of stress in his Eastern European team. After analyzing the data that was provided on the MoodConnect dashboard and receiving feedback from MoodConnect’s anonymous surveys. It got revealed that those team members with mood swings were having issues with understanding the language that was spoken (English) during Zoom calls. They were feeling stressed because they could not understand everything that was being discussed during calls. 

The Solution

After assessing the problem that Rahimov's eastern European team was experiencing. We were able to offer suggestions for a solution, which was to offer some language classes to the team that the company would pay for and to add a transcription plugin to their zoom account so that the team could read anything that they didn’t understand in their native language. 

Four weeks later, the team’s mood swing has disappeared, and the product development team is more productive than they were before. 

​The Result

Rahimov's team has seen great success since taking advantage of the tools that MoodConnect offers. In May they won a $1M equity-free grant with Silent Notary and their team has grown to 25. Their team is still distributed nationwide and in Europe. Rahimov is glad that he can stay connected with his team and learn about any challenges without feeling the need to check in on them and stall their productivity with extra unnecessary check-ins. He can have their regular weekly stand-ups, but he doesn’t have to worry about being caught off-guard if a problem does arise. This kind of preventative action and easy-to-use wellness solution has been a big part of Rahimov teams’ success story. 

Yagub Rahimov is the founder of Tested Web Inc, a web3 online reviews and intelligence marketplace giving ownership rights to users and transparency to businesses. 

Stenson & Tamaddon

We launched our De-Stress & Go in-person pop-up wellness events right around the time that we started working with Stenson & Tamaddon (S&T), a finance and tax consulting company headquartered in downtown Phoenix. They were working in office full-time and wanted to ensure that their employees would stay productive, and maintain the levels of growth for their company as they continued to bring on more clients. I had just started the in-person wellness events and they were our first customer. 

The problem

S&T initially signed up with MoodConnect because they wanted to see how their employees were doing on a regular basis and be able to see the changes that were taking place as their company continued to grow and expand. Concerned with keeping their employees healthy and happy (since employee retention has been an on-going issue in the workforce.), S&T also wanted to show their employees how much they were valued, because the executive team knew they weren't downsizing -- they were growing and bringing on new clients at a rapid rate. They signed up for the Destress & Go Wellness events four times a month offered by MoodConnect, that included yoga, meditation, massage therapy, and healthy food provided by local teachers, licensed massage therapists (LMTs), and small business food vendors. 


Our findings

Employees at S&T are wonderful multi-taskers who understand the nature of a fast-growing company. They were so appreciative of the work that MoodConnect was doing to bring more wellness into their workspace. Stress within any workspace can have its effects on employees, and S&T employees were saavy in knowing about this very well. Lowered stress levels many times results in increased health and productivity. In the beginning we wanted to offer yoga as well as massage for the employees, but there wasn't enough space for a proper yoga class to take place on a break within the workday.

The Solution

The executive team at S&T decided that the best course of action would be to have food and massage offered until they had a larger space to allow for a yoga class. We brought in three LMTs and healthy, nutritious food made by local food vendors in the Phoenix area. We connected local wellness providers with consumers while providing quality health solutions that employees could sample and experience and then connect with later on in the long term (should they choose to).

​The Result

From the start S&T employees were so excited to have the care we were providing. Their attendance has increased, as well as their productivity. Employees have requested that we have more than one wellness event a week and our wellness events are becoming an incentive to be an employee at S&T (among the many other benefits that the company offers employees). Starting in 2023 MoodConnect began serving Stenson & Tamaddon's Georgia office. It has been so wonderful to watch this company grow as so many other companies are experiencing layoffs. 

Specializing in risk management, compliance, finance, and government and regulatory affairs, Stenson & Tamaddon closely monitors changes in government programs for businesses to thoughtfully provide the best tax solutions.


"It’s been a great experience exploring Moodconnect and seeing how this tool can be used to better measure and manage our team’s most important wellness indicators."

- Steve Vilkas, Prepare4VC

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