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  • 3. How can MoodConnect help my team?
    MoodConnect AI tracks emotion data based on conversations and can help community managers, customer service agents, HR, and managers to see engagement in one place.
  • 2. How does MoodConnect AI work?
    MoodConnect AI App employs the Pelios model to analyze user input, such as text (in Slack, MS Teams, Discord, and SMS) and voice, to gauge emotional states. The platform provides analytics that have 98% accuracy. MoodConnect analyzes for 14 different languages and for 35 different emotions.
  • 1. What is MoodConnect platform?
    MoodConnect platform is a revolutionary engagement application that is powered by the Pelios AI model to assist community builders, HR, and managers in managing their engagement. MoodConnect aims to deliver engagement analytics to health professionals, schools, individuals, web3 communities and businesses.
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