MoodConnect™ is a Mood Media™ app that asks users "How are you feeling?" Based on the users answer (ie: happy, sad, angry, calm, stress) MoodConnect will connect you with another person to have a conversation via secure text chat. After the users finish their connection, MoodConnect asks the user, "how are you feeling now?" Based on the users response, MoodConnect will learn how to provide an optimal connection experience for the user, through our own Mood Media Algorithms™. The user can choose to have another connection or just log how they were feeling after the initial connection and also receive resources that will help them to process how they are feeling on their own.

MoodConnect can also track your mood throughout the day, week, month, year and a user can program the app to ask them in different points of the day, "How are you feeling?" so that a user can check in and connect if they like, or just to check in and log how they are feeling in the moment.

MoodConnect is also invested in helping our community to process how they are feeling and find resolution and healing on the other side of the emotion. We will help users do this through providing content, resources and activities for users to access at any time. Our resources will address addiction, suicidal ideations and other mental health issues that people face all over the world.