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Creating a Healthier Workspace for your team on MS Teams 

You will need to be a MoodConnect Platform user to access this integration. Signing up is free! If you don't have a MoodConnect account sign up here.

download (11).png

If you are already a MoodConnect platform user, click on the logo above to start the integration setup with MS Teams or go to and go through the connection steps seen below.

How MoodConnect Integration with MS Teams works.

Step 1: Go to My Account and select settings from the dropdown.


Step 2: Select Apps Connection on the left. Select MS Teams logo.

Screenshot 2022-09-06 145857.png

Step 3: Allow MoodConnectapp to have access to your MS teams account. This will take you back to your MoodConnect dashboard. You can create teams that reflect your channels in MS Teams and start knowing how your team is feeling right away!

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