Our Team

Justin Woods Romano.png
Amy Ouzoonian, CEO
Amy is a mental health and wellness advocate who has helped businesses (both small and fortune 500) to grow and scale. She built MoodConnect to create healthier, happier work environments that cater to hybrid, work from home, and in office spaces.  

Igor Ilyinsky, CTO
Justin Romano, Project Manager 
CEO of Builtbybackspace 

Dane Regnier.jpg
Dane Reginier, Senior Developer 
Senior Developer of Builtbybackspace 

Barrett Willich, Financial Advisor
Barrett Willich has extensive experience working with companies on strategic initiatives, capital raising, implementing day-to-day processes, and overseeing general operations. He has a unique mix of investing in companies and running companies, allowing him to navigate investors' needs with management's needs.  
Angela Wilson, Mental Health Advisor
Angela is a Social Worker (LMSW) with over five years of experience working as a therapist. 
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Kara Jean Brei, Mental Health Advisor
Kara is the founder of Asylum Advising and the Vice Chair of the South Mountain WORKS Coalition. She has a BA in Performance from ASU, and an MA in Counseling from NAU. Kara Jean is a Nationally Certified Counselor who entered the field of behavioral health in 2008.

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