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Our Team

Amy Ouzoonian, CEO
Amy is a mental health and wellness advocate who has helped businesses (both small and fortune 500) to grow and scale. She is a Jivamukti Yoga certified RYT and Meditation teacher.

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Ubaid Mehmood, CTO
Ubaid is a Data Scientist at MoodConnect where he works on developing machine learning algorithms to make the work space a better place by integrating AI to your feedbacks. As of 2022 he is also an adjunct lecturer at Swinburne University of science and technology, Hawthorn campus (Australia), where he teaches Big Data systems and Internet of things for Graduate & Undergraduate Program. 
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Kara Jean Brei, Mental Health Advisor, LAC
Kara is the founder of Asylum Advising and the Vice Chair of the South Mountain WORKS Coalition. She has a BA in Performance from ASU, and an MA in Counseling from NAU. Kara Jean is a Nationally Certified Counselor who entered the field of behavioral health in 2008.
Angela Wilson, Mental Health Advisor
Angela is a Social Worker (LCSW) with over five years of experience working as a therapist. 
Roland is currently a Partner at Optura Advisors, Inc.  He is also an investor/advisor to several financial technology (fintech) startups.  He was formerly the youngest founding board member and investor at Tri-Valley Bank (acquired by Heritage Bank of Commerce), a commercial business bank, and served on the Bank’s Investment Committee.  He has experience with a number of different asset classes including real estate, alternatives, derivatives, and equities.  Roland started his career at Ernst and Young LLP after graduating from the University of California at Berkeley and also has an extensive background in data science and analytics.  He currently sits on the Board of Directors for the Silicon Valley Chapter of the American Association of Individual Investors.
Arsène Muhire, Senior Developer
Arsène is a software developer with a background in Computer Engineering and he is currently pursuing a master’s program at Carnegie Mellon University with a focus on Applied Machine Learning and Cybersecurity. He has worked as a software engineer in the HealthTech industry and enjoys building specialized software tools for niche communities.

Join our growing team. Help us create healthier work environments.

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