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Strolling Through the Zoo: A Light-hearted Look At Manager Types

By Amy Ouzoonian

Management styles, like different animal species in a zoo, come in all shapes and sizes. Possessing unique characteristics and, let's face it, some are more fun to observe than others. Let's embark on a safari of sorts, through the wild Savanna of management styles. Buckle up!

  1. The T-Rex

Just like the T-Rex, Autocratic Managers love to roar... I mean, rule! They call the shots and expect their team to follow orders. No questions asked. Handy during a meteor strike but, otherwise, not a lot of laughs and high fives in this team.

2. The Dolphin

Democratic Managers are the dolphins of the workplace. Everyone's best friend, they thrive on collaboration and inclusivity. Decision-making may be slower than a tortoise with a heavy shell, but hey, who doesn’t enjoy a good, lengthy debate about office stationery?

3. The Butterfly

Just as a caterpillar turns into a butterfly, a Transformational Manager inspires their team to undergo a metaphorical metamorphosis. They aim for the stars, and if they miss, they land on the moon. A word of caution: oxygen masks not included.

4. The Kangaroo

Transactional Managers are the kangaroos of the business world, always hopping from one target to the next. Do well, and you'll find treats in your pouch; do poorly, and, well, hop better next time!

5. The Sloth

Laissez-faire Managers, the sloths of the workplace, take the laid-back approach to a whole new level. Minimal direction, maximum chill. Great if you’re self-driven; otherwise, it's like being stranded in a canoe without a paddle.

6. The Penguin

Servant Managers are the penguins of the managerial world, always looking out for their team and ensuring everyone's cozy and happy. While some might mistake their kindness for weakness, they might surprise you with their killer belly slide.

7. The Meerkat

Micromanaging Meerkats never miss a beat. They scrutinize every detail and, just like meerkats, are always on high alert. While it ensures nothing gets past them, you might feel like you're part of a never-ending game of 'Whack-a-Mole.'

We hope you enjoyed your tour through this menagerie of management styles! Remember, no one species (I mean, style) is better than the other (except for micromanagement). For more tips and ideas on how you can build a healthier team, sign up for MoodConnect and get a free demo today!

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