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Tips to Boost Your Team Post Lay-off

Here are effective ways to keep your team engaged and feeling positive post lay-off

In the wake of another round of layoffs— this time with Google and Microsoft. While we’re all bracing for the next round, it’s important to connect with your remaining team and make sure that they are doing well. Here are a few suggestions that our HR wellness practitioners at Asylum Advising have come up with.


  1. Communicate openly and transparently with employees about the reasons for the layoff and the steps the company is taking to prevent future layoffs.

  2. Show empathy and understanding for the affected employees and offer support and resources for them during the transition.

  3. Make sure that your remaining employees feel valued and appreciated by recognizing and rewarding their hard work and contributions.

  4. If any team members want to talk with a professional about any of their feelings around the layoff (if it triggers anxiety or depression) sign up to get one month of free talk therapy with Betterhelp.

  5. Encourage open and honest feedback and actively listen to employees' suggestions and ideas for improving the company culture and work environment.

  6. Promote work-life balance, flexibility and opportunities for professional development.

  7. Create opportunities for team-building and employee engagement activities.


  1. Don't be dismissive or insensitive towards the affected employees, their families, or the remaining employees.

  2. Don't make the layoff announcement in a way that is seen as insensitive or callous, such as via email or in a group setting without providing support.

  3. Don't fail to communicate openly and transparently with remaining employees about the reasons for the layoff and the steps the company is taking to prevent future layoffs.

  4. Don't neglect to provide support and resources to affected employees during the transition. It’s so important to be aware of the needs of your strongest team members. You don’t want to lose them. They are your investment.

  5. Don't neglect to provide support and resources to remaining employees to help them deal with the emotional fallout of the layoff. If anything, you will need to be sure to keep the interest of remaining team members. Valuable employees can easily be enticed by offers with free gym memberships and AI workout software.

  6. Don't ignore the concerns and issues that remaining employees may have about workload or job security. It’s important to be open to the voices who are still steering the ship forward.

  7. Don't make decisions that may cause remaining employees to lose trust in the company and its leadership.

  8. Don't make promises that cannot be kept and don't make decisions based on short-term gains at the expense of long-term success.

One excellent way to know how your team is doing after a lay-off is to check on the emotional analysis of your team on MoodConnect. MoodConnect’s dashboard allows you to see how your team is feeling and they can get the mental health and wellness that is needed to keep connected with your team. Sign up and try us for two weeks. Don’t lose the team members that you want to retain during a lay-off and make sure that your remaining team members stay focused and productive during a lay-off.

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