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Why You Should Start Measuring Your Community's Engagement Right Away

By Amy Ouzoonian

The main reason why I started MoodConnect was because I wanted for there to be a way that we could measure vibes, energy, emotion at-a-glance. I did it and so today I want to talk about how to measure engagement. More specifically, I want to get to the heart of why it's crucial to start measuring your community's engagement from the get-go.

Early Tracking: A Game-Changer

So many people say to me, I don't have anything happening in my Discord yet or my Slack is a mess, but when things start picking up, or when I get organized, then I'll sign up. So, you want to miss out on watching the initial first read of your community before things get really buzzing. First, why? Is there a reason why you want to miss the first moment? Would you say no to getting to view the moment your child was born? (I mean, if you don't have a child, imagine something you cherish.) When you kick off your community, it's like planting a seed. And just like with a seedling, you need to monitor its growth closely from the start. Here's why:

1. Setting the Stage: By tracking engagement early, you're laying down the foundation. It's like having a roadmap that shows you where you're starting from and where you need to go. A study in the Journal of Marketing Research backs this up, saying early engagement metrics can predict the long-term success of online communities.

2. Staying Ahead of the Curve: With early data, you can nip potential issues in the bud and keep your community thriving. The Harvard Business Review highlights the importance of proactive community management based on early engagement data.

3. Tailoring the Experience: When you understand what your members are into from the start, you can personalize your content and activities to keep them engaged. Research in the Journal of Interactive Marketing shows that personalized content can significantly boost engagement levels.

4. Keeping Members Happy: Addressing your members' needs and preferences early on can lead to higher satisfaction and loyalty. A study in the Journal of Service Research found that early engagement interventions lead to better member retention.

Measuring What Matters

When it comes to tracking engagement, it's all about looking at both the numbers and the feelings. You want to see how active your members are and how they feel about your community.

Tools like MoodConnect are great for getting a read on the emotional pulse of your community. By understanding the sentiment behind interactions, you can get a deeper sense of how satisfied your members are. And don't forget about good old survey tools! They're great for gathering feedback on everything from content relevance to event effectiveness.

So when should you start measuring your community's engagement? Today! Early tracking is your secret weapon for making informed decisions, tailoring the experience to your members' liking, and ultimately building a thriving community that won't get taken down by trolls. Want to get more value? Sign up for our mailing list and get access to more time saving, productivity enhancing tools and resources like MoodConnect first!

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