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4 For Focus

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

While we all know that we can't possibly offer all of our focus and attention while working in open floor offices, we can do our best to increase focus and decrease stress through mindfulness tools in MoodConnect. From guided meditations to burnout reduction, we aim to provide the tools for your team's success.

Below are tools that have helped our community increase focus and reduce stress.

  1. Sunsama, is an amazing organizer/planner that integrates with so much! We really love it at MoodConnect *

  2. Clean Email, This tool has been so helpful in helping me with organizing my email. *

  3. Brain HQ, I find brain games to be a great way to satiate the need for a break without turning to social media. Plus, it's increasing my focus and helping me to exercise problem solving and reasoning skills.

  4. Scheduled meditation, make time to have a regularly scheduled 5-minute meditation. Everyday. Just 5 minutes. Try it out for two to three months and see what changes for you and your focus.

Do you have any favorite tools for increasing focus? Tell us about it!

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