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Wellness Tips for Your Mint

Challenges can be exciting experiences, and don't have to be stressful.

As a non-tech founder, I've often wondered how something like minting can cause engineers and project managers to experience high levels of stress. I would always think, they're a bunch of images, how hard can this be? I mean, they're pictures! But recently I started learning about what goes into creating collections. I think that after listening to my CTO and Ken Kimball of CryptoSwarm AI explain that it deals with such precision and care, and that the process takes a fairly long time, that I can understand why some would feel extremely burned out after all is said and done.

However, I have come to the realization that all challenges can become opportunities to either sink or swim and the difference is a matter of perception and planning.

The best ways to maintain wellness, especially when working on a mint starts with preparation. It's best to start planning at least a week ahead of time, but as soon as you are able to implement these following suggestions, the better off your team will be.

  1. Preparation - You're not going to execute a mint without planning, think of your wellness plan as being part of your preparation for mint.

  2. Meditation - Start with just one minute of complete silence and then increase your silent meditation. If you need a guide. MoodConnect has several in their resource library that is included when you subscribe. Our partner, Headspace, offers lots of amazing guided meditations of all lengths and by different guides. Sign up and get 50% off your weekly/monthly or annual membership. That will end after the holidays are over, so sign up your team now!

  3. Nutrition - Immunity and productivity are directly connected to what we eat. Eating healthy food and avoiding salt, sugar, and fat (I know, all of the good stuff!) will increase your team's strength and abilities (mentally and physically).

  4. Hydration - It's so common to forget to stay hydrated. Drink water regularly, even if you're not thirsty. Especially if you enjoy drinking coffee, alchohol or using cannabis/thc products.

  5. Rest - We build machines an bots, but we are still human and we need to sleep! Resist the urge to pull one nighters or encourage your team to do that for a launch. It's not neccessary. Being well rested can increase the immunity, sales, and community health.

  6. Socialization - We are social creatures. Make sure that you take time every day to spend time with your family and friends (even if it's online).

  7. Decompression/Debriefing/Evaluation - Post mint its always a good idea to gather as a team and talk about what went well, what could be better and steps to get there.

No matter what the issues are that your team is experiencing MoodConnect is here to bring a culture of wellness that values the health of employees and managers for your Web2 or Web3 business. Sign up and learn more!

**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

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