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Winners of Self Care-y it Forward Sponsored by Betterhelp!

Self Care-y it Forward is a wonderful new program where co-workers can nominate their team members to get one month of free online talk therapy, a spa day, or one month of free yoga. We select 6 employees out of the hundreds that are nominated to receive these amazing self care gifts. Here are the winners for November:

One Month Free Membership with Betterhelp

Crystal M.

Laurie D.

Siddhant S.

Nichole S.

Jen R.

Spa Day

Taryn R.

If you would like to nominate a fellow employee or even yourself for any of the monthly self care offerings for the Self Care-y it Forward program please nominate here.

The Self Care-y it Forward program is sponsored by Betterhelp and MoodConnect. All self care gifts are awarded without requirement to purchase and are non-transferable and cannot be accessed more than once per individual. For questions, concerns or if you would like to sponsor this amazing program and offer self care for employees at your company, please email

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