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Make Wednesday Great Again!

By Amy Ouzoonian

This blog has nothing to do with politics and I just wanted to get your attention. If you're reading this sentence, then I was somewhat successful. This is completely about Wednedays at work. Wednesday has been lovingly referred to by many as "hump day"; that day of the week you're not looking forward to, not quite as bad as Tuesday, but not as great as "Throwback Thursday"or the beloved "Friyay."

When I started building MoodConnect, one of the things that I wanted to do for our customers was shift the perspective for all of the things I hated about corporate workspaces. One of the things I loathed the most about the five day work week was seeing Wednesay as a dreaded day that you just had to "get through."

So when one of our clients asked me if we did any in person wellness services, I created Wellness Wednesdays, which is now Destress and Go. We started Destress and Go for our Phoenix clients and it's become so popular that now we've received requests to bring licensed massage therapists, yoga teachers, meditation teachers, healthy food and access to our wellness platform all for a very affordable price.

What happened? Well, employees at this client's office are so happy to see me and my team arrive on Wednesday and often times, they forget that it is Wednesday. It's no longer a dreaded day to them. Every Wednesday employees are beaming with smiles because they feel good about their day and feel healthier and more positive. We are seeing smiles and people doing their best because they feel better about where they work and they feel like a more valued investment.

Now, you can contact us at MoodConnect and we're happy to get started bringing you and your team a healthier way of living, but, you can do a few simple things to shift the perspective of your team around Wednesday and create your own Wellness Wednesday:

This last tip is the important one. Employees are the foundation of every business. Truthfully no business can grow to success without loyal, happy and healthy employees. They are every companies' greatest investment. Want to bring more health and wellness to your growing company and see your profits increase? Book a demo and start learning why companies like Stenson and Tamaddon love working with MoodConnect to build a healthier work culture for their employees.

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