Stress Reduction Tips for Business Owners and HR Directors

Simplify and reduce stress in your organization and increase productivity

by Amy Ouzoonian

Stress in any system is a blocker for success. So, how can you navigate through the rough times when tension is high? Remediation of stress is key to running any organization, but also learning how to respond to stress in a healthy way can be helpful as well. As the owner or Human Resources director of your company, there is a lot riding on whether or not your stress-coping skills are on point. You will also need tools and processes that will help with knowing how to address any of the issues that can arise in working with vendors, employees, and relationships.

Networking to Build

Many businesses owners look at networking as a means to close deals and formulate partnerships, but very few will look at networking as an opportunity to find the right candidates. Why are you utilizing and other job directories to find the right candidate, when you could have the right candidate organically be attracted to you and your company. Often times these directories overload companies with too many options and that can cause overwhelm, thus turning into stress. If you are feeling like interviewing is not giving you the results you'd like and is an inconvenience, then change your direction in finding the people to grow your business. Combining what you need to do with what you'd like to do can alleviate a lot of stress in your daily activities. Attend networking events where you believe the right candidates will be. You can easily attend lots of events in Clubhouse app (if you have been invited to the app.) without leaving your home. Not having to deal with commuting to meet the right people to grow your business is a great way to alleviate stress and increase your clarity and productivity.

Work with a Hiring Coach

If you find interviewing to be tedious and time-consuming, chances are you don't enjoy the unfortunate, but sometimes necessary, act of firing an employee. Hiring coaches can offer tools and techniques to help you in making better hiring decisions and attain the total team makeover that your business needs.

Diane Prince is one example of a business coach who has been through all of the ups and downs of staffing, running and growing a business. She is expert at knowing how to hire the right people, fire the wrong ones, and manage a team who will provide any compan