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MoodConnect Partners with Storj to Launch Mental Health Tracker for Consumers

By Amy Ouzoonian

Phoenix, AZ (August 15 2023) — In a groundbreaking move towards promoting mental well-being, MoodConnect, an Artificial Intelligence-driven mental health tech company, announced today its strategic partnership with Storj, the leader in enterprise-grade, globally distributed cloud object storage. This alliance is set to unveil a state-of-the-art mental health tracker designed to help individuals and corporations capture, store, and share sentiment data securely.

MoodConnect empowers users to track, store and share their own emotion data from conversations and to securely possess this data for personal introspection, to share with healthcare professionals, with friends and family, or to gauge organizational sentiment within a company.

MoodConnect's AI-backed system coupled with Storj's distributed storage ensures robust data protection. Storj’s distributed architecture encrypts files end-to-end and distributes them across tens of thousands of points of presence. This zero-trust security model helps protect against outages, ransomware, and data compromise while boosting global performance and reliability. Given the sensitive nature of mental health data, this collaboration reinforces the commitment both companies have towards maintaining user privacy.

"We're thrilled to fuse our AI Mental Health tracker with Storj's distributed storage solutions," said MoodConnect's CEO Amy Ouzoonian. "Our primary aim is to make mental health tracking as commonplace as any health tracking while ensuring users have utmost confidence in the safety of their data."

“In its pursuit of expanding mental health tracking, MoodConnect will be procuring large amounts of sensitive data,” said Storj CEO Ben Golub. “Using our enterprise-grade distributed architecture, which encrypts and then splits files into pieces that are stored across tens of thousands of uncorrelated nodes around the globe, MoodConnect can ensure that its user’s valuable data is secured at the highest level.”

In addition to this partnership, MoodConnect is welcoming a new member to their team. Robert Scoble, a name synonymous with cutting-edge technology and innovation, joins as AI Advisor. He will be bringing his extensive knowledge in AI/AR/VR to further enhance MoodConnect's offerings.

"I’m excited to be a part of MoodConnect’s journey," remarked Scoble. "Mental health is a crucial aspect of human well-being, and using AI to aid this cause is not just innovative but deeply impactful."

MoodConnect's collaboration with Storj and the addition of Robert Scoble to their team signals a paradigm shift in how mental health can be approached, tracked, and managed in the digital age.


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